5 Floral Throw Pillows to Get This Summer

5 Floral Throw Pillows to Get This Summer

Flowers add new colors to our lives. And nothing can be better than decorating your place with cozy throw pillows that feature floral designs. That’s why in this article we came up with five floral throw pillows that you can find in our online store today.

If you love plants, flowers, and if you have a garden in your back yard where you love to spend your free time, we are sure that you will appreciate our picks for 2021.

Let’s get to it!

Flower Bouquet Throw Pillow

Our first pick is the Flower Bouquet Throw Pillow. As you can see in the picture, it’s a very simple design that features a flower bouquet on a white background.

It’s perfect for people who love different kinds of flowers. The simplicity of this design will surely add a twist to your interior.

When we were coming up with this pillow, we wanted to make it look a bit busy, yet simple at the same time.

There are no extremely crazy patterns featured on it, yet the bright colors make it stand out among other interior pieces.

This pillow has multiple colors like red, green, and blue, and will be perfect for rooms that have similar colors as well. Also, if your place has a predominantly white color, this piece will fit perfectly in it!

Here’s one of our clients shared an open box video as well as a review of this amazing pillow. Make sure to check it out:

Valeria Shares Her Thoughts About Flower Bouquet Throw Pillow

Iris Pattern Throw Pillow

The second pick that Lemouniq would like to show you is this fantastic Iris Pattern pillow!

It features nude colors with beautiful iris flowers as well as outlines of the flowers that create an amazing pattern.

It’s perfect for places that feature similar tones. For example, if you have beige or nude walls or the floor, this pillow will be a great fit for your interior!

If you would like to see this pillow featuring more purple, then check out another version of it called Purple Iris Throw Pillow.

Fruit and Flower Collage Throw Pillow

The third pillow that we would like to introduce is our fruit and flower collage pillow.

Featuring various fruits such as plums and grapes along with flowers, this pillow is a perfect fit for a country house that has a garden. Or maybe for someone who always wanted to have a garden.

The pillow doesn’t have very bright colors unlike some of our other picks, but it will blend in perfectly with the interior.

This item will be great for bright (white) rooms or places that have a lot of green colors in them.

Dark Floral Pattern Throw Pillow

The fourth pillow has a very cheerful and colorful pattern.

Our Dark Floral Pattern pillow is amazing for places that gave a lot of bright colors. This piece will definitely stand out among your other pillows. It features blue, red, green, yellow, and black colors!

Although it has a dark background, the pillow itself is surprisingly bright which makes it a great pick for someone who wants to add a unique touch to their place.

If you have dark-colored walls, this piece might be a great addition to your interior!

Red Tulip Art Throw Pillow

Red Tulip Art Throw Pillow

Our last pick is the Red Tulip Art Throw Pillow. It features a red tulip on a white background as you can see in a picture. This piece is great for the bright rooms that are predominantly white. However, if you have red accents in your place, it’ll work great as well!

When we were coming up with the print design for this pillow, we wanted to make something simple.

This throw pillow doesn’t feature any unnecessary details, so if you don’t like busy patterns and want to have just a simple, yet elegant art, this might just what you are looking for!

What Is Your Pick?

We hope you liked our picks for the five floral throw pillows. Now we would like to ask for your opinion.

What is your favorite pillow out of this list? In what room would you put it?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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